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Rare Words and Phrases - Original usage of common words
Not derived from Latin or Greek - origins indicated in "( )" 
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abovo - from the beginning
abreaction -Purification of the soul or mind.
androcracy - Male dominated government.  It differs from theocracy in that it doesn't have to invoke   god to assume power. Testosterone is sufficient to declare women should have no equality.  The term was coined by author William Gibson in his novel "Necromancer".
antonamsia- The use of a proper name to indicate a member of a class
aphelion- The point in the path of a celestial body that is farthest from the sun.
bower - an attractive dwelling or retreat or shelter made with tree boughs or vines.
brahmin - a highly cultured recluse individual.
bray - to spread ink thinly over a wide surface.
cadaster - Registration of land, usually by means of a survey, for the purpose of raising taxes.
caducity - Polite medical term referring to the frailty of old age. Derived from the Latin perishable.
calendo -  Gradually decreasing volume and tempo in voice or musical instrument.  Fade out for  animation
caldera - Large crater caused by the collapse of  land after a volcanic explosion.
camarilla - A group of unofficial often secret and scheming advisers.
canticle - A chant, not necessarily metrical sung, quoting words from the Christian bible.
cantillate - Singing, chanting or rehearsing music in a monotone voice.
captious - To confuse, entrap or entangle in argument. ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections.
Cathar - A sect that rivaled the official Roman Catholic Church that believed that matter was evil and Christ did not undergo human birth or death.  They believed in the equality of women, opposed paying taxes to Rome and were massacred after Crusades by mercenaries of the Roman Church. 
cavil - To raise trivial or frivolous objections
chary - discreetly cautious or hesitant about dangers and risks.
chouse - cheat or trick
congeries - aggregration or collection
coquetry - A flirtatious act or attitude.
corrigendum - an error in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with its correction on a separate sheet.
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desultory - Derivation is from the word leaper . Lack of order or planning. Haphazard.
discommode - to inconvenience someone.
doctrine of signatures -theory of old natural philosophy that the outward appearance of a body signals its special property or magic and there is a relationship between the outward qualities of a medicinal object and the diseases against which it is effective.
donnybrook - a free-for-all or a drunken brawl (from Donnybrook, Ireland)
duende ( Spanish source Ghost+charm) Unusual power to attract or charm.
dybbuk (Jewish source) The wandering sould of a deceased person that enters the body of a living   person and controls the person's behavior.
dysteleology - No teleology. Doctrine of purposeless in nature. An example of this doctrine is nonfunctional, useless vestigial organs in the human anatomy.
dystopia An imaginery place of total misery and wretchedness. Metaphor for hell.
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egregious - flagrant or notably bad
etymology - The science of tracing the origin of words and the changing meaning applied by different cultures in specific time periods.
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felicific - An action or an intention which leads to happiness to oneself or others.
frisson - A brief momemnt of emotional excitement i.e. shutter or thrill.
funambulist - A tightrope walker
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galimatias - Nonsensical talk. Gibberish.
glossalalia - Speaking in tonguesThree uses are:  Shouting ministers babbling words they claim come directly from god.  Sweethearts whispering sweet nothings in each other ear.  Someone being taken away  to an insane asylum for talking nonsense.
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hale - free from defect, disease or infirmity, exceptionally heathy or vigorous.
heathen - A term commonly associated with someone not of the speakers faith. The derivation of   the term comes from the word "heath" a resident in the countryside that was not claimed property or   yet to be surveyed and therefore not yet subject to taxation.
hector - to play the bully, to swagger, to intimidate or harass by bluster or personal pressure.
hortative -advisory, giving exhortation.
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imbricate - Constructing tiles so they overlap.
incunabulum - (noun)  printed texts or books published before 1501 (usually before printing press was invented.
insouciance - nonchalance, lighthearted unconcern
involute - Shells of a cowry
ipsedixit - An arbitrary declaration with no attempt to justify statements with facts.


jabberwock - An individual who engages in nonsensical speech or writing but puts on the appearance   that the words are coherent and logical.
jejune-Comes from the Latin word "hungry".   Lacking in nutrition, substance.  Also used to declare that something has no value, is immature, or is puerile in content.
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karst - an irregular limestone region with sinks, underground streams and caverns
kif - (East Indian term) - pleasure
kobold - (German origin) A mischievous household elf that brings in dust and dirt from his underground haunts.
kwanza - (Swahili origin) A form of currency
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kabile - Open to change. Also used to describe someone who wanders or forgets the origin of things.
kamia - (Greek origin) - A monster in the general shape of a serpent that had the head and breasts of a woman. Reputed to tempt innocent children and then suck their blood. A vampire.
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mail-bomb - The flooding of an e-mail address with (usually angry) messages. Firewalls are set up  to flag or catch these mail-bombs and shield them from the end-users. More stringent laws are being considered to declare this activity as illegal.
malapert - Saucy, clever in manners or speech
mana - A supernatural force claimed to be inherent in people, animals and sacred objects.
minion - A derogatory term indicating one is a lackey, stooge, or willing slave.
navigate - To move around on the WWW by following hypertext paths from document to document on different computers. The common slang is called "surfing".
netizen - A citizen of the Internet.
noodling - A fisherman's trap for catching oversized fish.
ostium - a small opening
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pagan- From the Latin pagani or  peasant, or country dweller. Now used to indicate that someone,       group, peoples or tribe is not of the faith that is being promoted by a dominant religious spokes person.       It has been used as a derogatory term to condemn others not of the same faith.  Often confused with   people who are not of any particular faith or atheistic in temperament.
panegyric - A eulogistic oration or writing.  Formal or elaborate praise.
Pecksniffian - pharisaical or unctiously hypocrtical.
penultimate - next to last.  Usually a complement that someone or something is nearest to perfection.
prolix - unduly prolonged or drawn out
Peter's Pence A term coined in England to warrant taxation of every household. A penny was to be  formally collected as payment to the Roman Church.
publican - collector of taxes.
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quay- A wharf or paved embankment.
quoin- Keystone. Exterior structural edge caused by the  interlacing of bricks or stones.
quixotic-  Taken from the hero Don Quixote. An impractical romantic.
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religiosity - affected piety.  Excessive zeal in propagating one's religious views without concern for the beliefs of others.
rue -A feeling of remorse, regret, and sorrow or to be penitent for one's own mistakes.
Ruritanian - having the characteristics of an imaginery place of high romance.
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simulacrum - an insubstantial form or semblance of something, or a trace.
sinister- originally used to indicate that someone threatened evil toward another -     associated with the Latin word  sinistra or   left-handedness.
sinistral- Of or facing the left side. Left-handedness.
snickersnee - To stab and cut with a knife or sword.
solecism - an ungrammatical combination of words in a sentence. A minor blunder of speech.  A breach of etiquette or decorum.
sylph - a slender graceful woman or girl.
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telle - pertaining to the last cause or final purpose
thar - a Bedouin law of blood-feuding
theolatry - worship of a divinity.
thrack -occupied fully, loaded, cram, busy.
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umbra - The dominant shadow between two illuminated objects.
umbrage - To defer or honor the grace, manners or custom of another without servility.
undulant- Wavelike in motion or appearance.
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vaticination - the act of prophesying or prediction.
vrow- An Afrikaner woman.
vulpine - cunning,  foxlike
wamp - an American elder (archiac term).
whipping boy - a scapegoat.  Coming from a tradition where a master's misdeeds would be   punished by having a servant whipped in their place.
witan - a wiseman (archiac term).

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xiphoid - Shaped like a sword.
X-mas - (Greek origin) Originally was not a slang term for Christmas but came from the    Greek letter    Chi. Chi was an affectionate abbreviation of Khristos.
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yare- Bright personality, quick minded and lively individual.

yot- To unite closely, fasten tightly.
yowl- To utter a long loud mournful cry.
za - in old animization
zannar - a girdle.
zansar- a secret language among the Tibetans.
zarf - a metallic cup-shape drinking vessel.
zart - delicate
zetale - algebraic multiplication

zeugma- From the Greek word  joining.  A figure of speech in which a verb or adjective  is applied  jointly to two nouns although logically appropriate to just one.

zikr - a religious ceremony of the dervishes used to induce ecstasy through dance.
zydeco - popular music of southern Louisiana that combines tunes from French origins with elements of Caribbean music and the blues and taht features guitar, washboard and accordion.
zyme - diseased germ